About us


The Spot is a mobile application that provides Events Management/Tickets services. Our mission is to help you succeed by connecting you with people and make your business grow


What We Offer


You can add various kinds of events from Exhibitions, Conferences, Arts, Entertainments, Courses and Others.

If you are offering paid events, you can add your pricing tickets and easily control the count.

No need for extra equipment, our in-app scanning feature gives you quick and efficient experience with your attendees.

Customers will have a wallet to store their tickets for easy access any time, any day.

Get insights of your events report in real-time and track your sales.

A dashboard that gives you full control of your business and help you manage your data, receive notifications and surveys.




You need the Title of the event, Organizer Name, Date and Time, indicating whether it’s a free or paid event, Bank details if its paid event, Location and Description.


In the home screen, the (+) button will get you to the Add Business screen where you can easily add your event details.


You can add your tickets through the Add Business screen, set a price and control your tickets count.


Fortunately, you can! In the Add Business screen, scroll down to the tickets section; tick the “Customized Prices” which will show a new section below it to add different prices.


You need to be at the location of your planned event, go to the Location section then click on “Auto Detect” to automatically add your current address.


Go to Side Menu > My Business, a list of your added events will be shown, click on the one you need to modify, then on the top bar click on the “Pen” icon.


Go to Side Menu > My Wallet, a list of your tickets purchased will be found there. Also, a copy of your ticket purchased will be sent to your email address.


To scan tickets, you will need the Event ID that will be found in your business page. Go to Side Menu > My Business, then go to your event page details, at the bottom you will find “Share Event ID” that can be shared with your employees to scan tickets.


Payments and Fees


Currently, the app only accepts payments from Saudi Arabia.


You can use your Visa and Mastercard to make purchases.


Your transactions are in safe hand! We use “PayTabs” a PCI-DSS Certified Provider to accept payments.


A %3.5 fee will be charged per paid ticket.


We do not charge any fees to get your business listed in our App, its completely free.